TIL: Orangutans Build Comfy Nests to Sleep in

"Do you love jumping into a comfy bed at the end of the day? So do orangutans! In this week’s Today I Learned, National Geographic Emerging Explorer Panut Hadisiswoyo shares just how particular orangutans can be about their sleeping arrangements.

Whether for a quick nap or a full night’s sleep, orangutans build treetop nests to bed down in. These master engineers design for stability, but also comfort—some even fashion blankets and pillows.  Orangutans build new nests every day, so it’s fortunate they can whip one up in just a few minutes.

These treetop nests come with a lot of perks, but the biggest might be a good night’s rest. Scientists believe higher quality sleep may have improved orangutan’s cognitive abilities and given them an evolutionary edge."

PRODUCER/EDITOR: Laurence Alexander
SERIES PRODUCER: Christopher Mattle