Searching For Life in Volcanoes and Other Extreme Environments

Found everywhere from the rim of a lava lake to the inside an iceberg, microbes are remarkable organisms that can live in places humans can only dream of. How do they do it? And what can we learn from them about the limits of life both on our planet and elsewhere in our solar system? Geobiologist Jeffrey Marlow, a 2016 National Geographic emerging explorer, is working on answering these questions. Much of Marlow's focus has been on the deep sea and exploring microbial metabolism. He is particularly interested in microbes on the sea floor that convert the greenhouse gas methane into rock. Might we be able to harness these microbes' metabolism to turn methane into biofuel? Marlow takes the stage to talk about these remarkable organisms and the passion that drives him to keep exploring the most extreme environments on our planet.

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PRODUCER: Hilary Hudson
EDITOR: Monica Pinzon

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