Can You Answer the 2016 Geography Bee's Winning Question?

May 25, 2016 - Which East African lake that drains into the Ruzizi River contains large quantities of dissolved methane gas that could generate electricity for millions?

Twelve-year-old Rishi Nair of Florida gave the correct answer to that final-round final question, becoming the winner of the 2016 National Geographic Bee, a title that comes with a $50,000 college scholarship, a trip to Alaska, and a lifetime membership in the National Geographic Society.

Saketh Jonnalagadda, 14, Massachusetts' champion, came in second, winning a $25,000 scholarship.

An earlier round narrowed the field from the state-level champs. Tie-breaking questions included: The Paraguay River flows into which other river near the city of Corrientes? The answer: Paraná River.

Journalist and writer Mo Rocca served as contest moderator.

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Watch the National Geographic Bee on the National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo WILD at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Friday, May 27.