"He Saved My Life:" American Soldier Returns to Help Iraqi Captain Fleeing ISIS

Feb. 21, 2016 - If someone saved your life during a war, would you go back into a danger zone many years later to help that man? The Captain, an Iraqi army officer who fought in the Iraq War alongside American forces, is now in refugee limbo. He fled his home country out of concern for his family's safety amid the spread of ISIS, but he's unable to get U.N. refugee status. U.S. Iraq War veteran Chase Millsap, who credits this man for saving his life during the war, heads to the Captain's current home in a dangerous part of Turkey. Both call each other "brother." See why they have this bond and follow along as they try to speed up the refugee process and seek emergency financial support. For more information about the organization, which Millsap helped form along with other U.S. veterans to help U.S.-allied soldiers seeking resettlement, visit RoninRefugeeProject.org.

Editor's Note: We are not revealing the Captain's name at his request in consideration for his safety and the safety of his family.