Watch: Male Spiders Wave Leg "Paddles" to Attract Lady Spiders

January 15, 2016 - Males of the never before filmed Jotus remus, a species of Australian jumping spider, wave leg "paddles" to court females. Jotus remus, which is about the size of an apple seed, is the only spider species known to have these heart-shaped structures on two of its legs. The male appears to play peekaboo, hiding on the opposite side of a leaf from the female and extending a paddle for the female to view. Once the female is still—and unlikely to attack—he approaches her for mating. The discovery was made by Jürgen Otto, who has additional footage of Jotus remus and other unusual spiders on his YouTube channel.

You can read more here about this discovery:
"New Spider Species Found, Plays Peekaboo to Attract Mates"

Video: Jürgen Otto
Associate Producer: Jed Winer

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