National Park Champion and North Face Co-Founder Remembered

Adventurer. Entrepreneur. Conservationist. Philanthropist. North Face co-founder Douglas Tompkins was all these things. Until he died in a kayaking accident on December 8, Tompkins devoted his life to celebrating and protecting the great outdoors. He fell in love with the Patagonia wilderness and used his wealth to establish five national parks and fund other conservation projects in Chile and Argentina. This video tribute includes a December 2014 interview in which Tompkins remembers reconnectingwith the environment after years in the business world and notes that he wants to "say goodbye to the world having [had] a fundamental hand in creating national parks."

The video was made in conjunction with Conservacion Patagonica.

Directed by: James "Q" Martin
Edited and produced: Chris Cresci
Director of photography: Chris Cresci
Second cameras: James "Q" Martin and Jonathan Byers

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